AIMES Young Scholar's Network:
An International Network for Earth System Science

Our goal is to foster collaborations among Young Scientists and Scholars on integrative research to better understand the role of humans in perturbing biogeochemistry and climate.

We plan workshops, casual meetings, forums and an interactive website to promote collaborations. An important aspect of this network is its integrative and international nature.

Benefits of the Network to Participants

  • Meet other young scientists from around the world and from different disciplines.
  • Exchange advice and contacts regarding developing scientific careers.
  • Seek feedback on your work, its applicability to other disciplines and publishing opportunities.
  • Become part of a network of future scientific leaders, including those like yourself who could become journal editors, research grant donors and department heads.
  • Develop international and cross-disciplinary collaborations, leading to cutting-edge science.
  • Foster science education, outreach and in-reach by learning and teaching your peers and their non-scientific scommunities about your work.

Upcoming Workshops

AIMES Young Scholar's Network Workshop
Historical Ecology: Integrating Biophysical, Historical, and Ethnographic Evidence at the Landscape Scale
Dates: 29 June - 3 July 2009
Location: Uxeau, Burgundy, France
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Participation is by invitation only.

Past YSN Workshops