Workshop on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (IAV) Community Coordination



January 8-9, 2009

National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO


Presentations from Day 1:

Steps to Amsterdam (Hibbard)

IAV Directions and Challenges:

AR4 Perspectives (Palutikof)

NAS Perspectives (Rosenzweig)

IAV and Self-Organization

Aims and the Process to Date (Wilbanks)

Community Perspectives (Carter)

Community Perspectives (Jones)

IAV and Coordination with other Groups

ESM Perspsectives (Meehl)

Possible Future Steps (Romero-Lankao)

Plenary Powerpoint - this includes the Nine Organizational Nucleii, Friday morning Discussion and Overarching Questions

Five Breakout Group Reports

Presentations from Day 2

All four breakout groups are consolidated into a single powerpoint. For each overarching question, the Four Breakpout Group Reports include (1) framing of the question, (2) interactions/synergies with other communites, proposed strategies for implementation

Four overarching Questions from Breakout and Plenary Discussions

Final Wrap up and Next Steps

Some thoughts from Richard Warrick about how we might summarize Nine Organizational Nucleii